A Guide to Caboolture

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Understanding the Caboolture area

This post is part of our Guide to Caboolture, Queensland. If you’re looking for more information about Caboolture check out other post on ‘Why buy in Caboolture’. 

To buy property or invest in Caboolture, you first have to understand the area.

If you are looking to settle or invest in Caboolture, there are many different types of investments, opportunities and lifestyles. 

However, there is much confusion about the Caboolture Area, not helped by the fact that there are three suburbs with the name “Caboolture”.

Some say that there is also a Caboolture West, but most locals deny this.

It is further confused by commercial properties often calling themselves Caboolture when they are in fact Morayfield (or Caboolture South).

A great example is the Caboolture Sports Club – one of the largest social clubs in the area. This club is however quite clearly smack in the middle of Morayfield. Right next to the Morayfield train station in fact! The line between these areas is so blurred as to almost not exist.

Whilst there is blending at the borders, each area in Caboolture is known for different types of properties and proximity to different amenities.

Caboolture Markets

The always popular Caboolture Markets.

Upper Caboolture

Upper Caboolture, which begins about 5 minutes West of the Morayfield Shopping Centre, is known for its more rural status.

Here you find larger house blocks and larger homes, with 98% of homes being houses rather than apartments or smaller dwellings. You will find mini acreage and acreage blocks in Upper Caboolture.

Traditionally this has been filled with older homes, but with creeping development, there are a lot of newer homes being built. 

However, it is still known as lower density living. Upper Caboolture is known for its lifestyle blocks and homes in return for being 5-10 minutes from the big shopping centres. A small price to pay indeed.

If you’re interested in living in Upper Caboolture, we’ve just put a brand new home on the market at our Sundowner’s Forest Estate.

Caboolture South

Caboolture South begins at the Caboolture River and straddles both sides of Morayfield Road and continues as far South as Michael Avenue.

It is a smaller suburb with a higher population than Upper Caboolture and has more homes with 86% being individual dwellings. With increased rental investments in the area, we are seeing renovation or replacement of older homes.

With 45% of people renting in this area and low rental vacancies generally (we will have to use another blog post to speculate about the impact of Covid), it is a huge rental investment opportunity.

On both the East and West side of Morayfield Road there are riverside estates with established, usually brick family homes on larger residential blocks, available for both investment and owner occupier.

This suburb has access to shops, the river, and also a huge arboretum, the Platypus Creek Environmental Reserve, as well as a walking bridge access to Centenary Lakes.

So whilst the blocks may be smaller, there is a huge amount of green area. 86% of homes in this area are individual houses rather than apartments or units.

Centenary Lakes Park

Explore the beauty of Centenary Lakes Park


Caboolture itself covers an area of about 95km2 (about 20 times the size of Caboolture South) so you can imagine it has a huge range of investment and lifestyle opportunities.

It is still a town not a city, with only 26,000 people, but it still has a huge potential for growth.

The few, and some significant, residential blocks around the Caboolture Square Shopping Centre are waiting for buyouts from commercial developers.

Very close to the commercial hub lies spectacular blocks overlooking the river.

East towards the hospital, development is in progress as older homes on larger blocks are being subdivided for apartments and townhouses to accommodate the growing number of people working within the hospital and growing medical and aged care facilities. There is now even a Starbucks.

On the other side of St Columban’s College and the Caboolture Public and Private Hospital is a new brick development called Central Lakes – a large development with medium-sized blocks with one storey family brick homes.

Travel North towards Pumicestone or Elimbah, the blocks again become more rural. However, new commercial and residential developments are emerging.

Back past shopping centre the blocks again become larger until you reach the D’Aguilar highway, a quick trip Woodford. Due to the breadth of Caboolture, there are many types of homes, and therefore investments.

As the Caboolture area provides such a range of possible investments and returns, it is essential to understand the geography of the area.

If you’re looking to live in Caboolture we’ve got two different options for you to peruse. The Peaks has the wide green spaces whilst Candlenut Grove has the tranquility.